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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Shipbroker It is a known fact that for a business that is involved in the import and export market then shipping brokers are a necessary component. Moving cargo through third parties is a good option for most businesses since it is not their core business. Outsourcing shipping needs to a third party saves businesses money. It is amazing to note that the third party also handles negotiations with the client and even agrees on deliveries times such that the effects of late delays do not affect the business. An interesting fact to note is that in the shipping business, three things matter most, and they are delivery cost, cargo time and cargo safety. All these elements are handled seamlessly by a shipbroker if the business picks the right broker to handle their shipping options. It is incredible to note that one key consideration in selecting a shipbroker is knowing whether they are licensed. The law requires that anyone who is handling transportation of cargo for compensation have a federal property broker license. It is incredibly true to state that anyone caught transacting with an unlicensed agent can land themselves on the wrong side of the law and cost the business money and time in the case proceedings. An interesting fact is that apart from licensing, the other factor to consider is the agent has cargo insurance. It is important to state that the broker must be able to provide both cargo and general liability insurance certificates and are willing to name the client as an additional insured. Another fascinating fact is that the client should also find out what their claims procedure is, how much the coverage costs are and if there are any deductibles. It is worth noting that the other issue to look into is how long the agent has existed in their business. It is undoubtedly true to state that dealing with startups is not advisable given the fact that majority of them do not have the necessary hands-on experience to handle complicated shipping problems. An amazing fact is that new firms may have lower rates as opposed to established businesses but the quality of service may be lacking because they might be trying to learn the market through their clients. This can be detrimental to a business and can cost them money and time. It is absolutely worth noting that the best bet is to go for firms that have weathered the cycles in the shipping industry, such as the recession, and remain relevant.
Why People Think Ships Are A Good Idea
The other issue to look into is pricing. An interesting fact is that in the shipping business, it is important that all the details of the deliverables are noted down in writing and their costs too. Another key consideration is that in the shipping business, duties and taxes can inflate the costs by as much as 30% over and above above the expense of the freight, and this can come as a surprise to both the client and the broker. It is important for a client to note that if a price quotation does not cater for these additional costs then it the client should decline it.Why People Think Ships Are A Good Idea

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