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Most Common Types of Socks

Choosing, wearing and removal of socks are known to be an easy thing. Well, this is not entirely the fact as they have different lengths, sizes and materials. Visually they should be pleasant for the eyes view. Badly dealing with them will cause you to end up having smelly feet, calluses or worsened one and cracks. People will repel you due to these issues with or without your knowledge.

The various types of socks and the best way to wear them will be addressed by this article. For Ankle length socks, shoes like loafers, casual shoes can be worn with them. Ankle length socks go right up to the ankles and they are great for casual purposes. Low cut shoes greatly match for uses such as gym, running and sports. Men and women can both use these socks.

Quarter length socks are the other kind of socks. The shins are covered by these socks as they go a little beyond the ankle. Blisters and shoe bites are prevented by them. Women use them for their feet protection and men for professional purposes. Calf length socks, are best for the cold season such as winter and for outdoor sporting activities such as hiking and running. They are pretty long as they go up to the calf muscles depending on the length of the feet. They are great for physical and informal use. The next type of socks is the Mid- Calf length socks. Unlike the calf length socks, they only reach the calf muscles mid-way. They are made with wool material to keep warm and sheer or net material for use by women. The woollen ones are mostly used during physical activities.
Learning The “Secrets” of Socks

Just a little bit below the knees and up to the calf muscles is where the Calf length socks reach. Since they are protective to their feet, they are a favourite of sports people and athletes. They are great for intense physical activities and they are mostly used by men. Women like the knee length socks because they reach the knee hence they keep them warm. During the winter season, women wear them with boots. They are also great for wearing at home. These socks are used as part of the uniform by the aviation and hospitality industries. Thigh high socks are loved by women. These socks reach above the knee. The result of wearing them with short skirts is the chic and trendy look is will give.Why Socks Aren’t As Bad As You Think

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